1. LathamScan

    Bennington County - unidentified

    Good afternoon, and Happy Valentine's Day to all, This afternoon I monitored an unidentified Fire Department working a chimney fire somewhere in the Manchester area. They were on 151.505 MHz with a CTCSS tone of 131.8 Hz. It was a repeater and a bit weak signal wise, but considering I'm in the...
  2. BC2001

    Clay County Sheriff Department New Frequency

    I meant to add this a while ago, but I forgot to. I saw where the Clay County Sheriff Department now have a new channel (FCC Callsign WRFN871 (CLAY COUNTY SHERIFF DEPARTMENT)) When I was in Manchester a while back, I got a signal on 453.675 with my Homepatrol 1 and it was just a motor sound. So...
  3. S

    Manchester EDACS question

    I have a Pro96 and am using the RR database file. I get all the PD and FD freqs nicely but still receive the school bus dispatch, etc. How do I clear them? I looked at the files from my scanner and there doesn't appear to be any database info in thier from the non-PP or FD talkgroups. I know...
  4. 8


    does anybody have any good frequencies for manchester airport in the uk not the manchester in the U.S