1. GraniteScanner

    New TRS in Manchester, Goffstown, & Dunbarton

    Hi All, Looks like we got a new TRS in town. A new YG license was filed for a VHF trunked radio system licensed to Dunbarton, Goffstown, and Manchester has just been granted. This TRS is for police use according to the license. License is WPKN959 (Click here for the FCC page). Putting this in...
  2. LathamScan

    Bennington County - unidentified

    Good afternoon, and Happy Valentine's Day to all, This afternoon I monitored an unidentified Fire Department working a chimney fire somewhere in the Manchester area. They were on 151.505 MHz with a CTCSS tone of 131.8 Hz. It was a repeater and a bit weak signal wise, but considering I'm in the...
  3. BC2001

    Clay County Sheriff Department New Frequency

    I meant to add this a while ago, but I forgot to. I saw where the Clay County Sheriff Department now have a new channel (FCC Callsign WRFN871 (CLAY COUNTY SHERIFF DEPARTMENT)) When I was in Manchester a while back, I got a signal on 453.675 with my Homepatrol 1 and it was just a motor sound. So...
  4. S

    Manchester EDACS question

    I have a Pro96 and am using the RR database file. I get all the PD and FD freqs nicely but still receive the school bus dispatch, etc. How do I clear them? I looked at the files from my scanner and there doesn't appear to be any database info in thier from the non-PP or FD talkgroups. I know...
  5. 8


    does anybody have any good frequencies for manchester airport in the uk not the manchester in the U.S