1. P

    MPSCS Zones?

    Does anyone know what the zones are/cover or have a map of them.
  2. RadioDitch

    CHP Office/Post Map

    Hey all, Does anyone have a resource or a map that accurately displays, in detail, the boundaries of each CHP office's/post's patrol area? I'm well aware of the generic map on the CHP site, but does anyone have a detailed map or listing by milepost or exit of where the boundaries for each...
  3. S

    line of sight mapping website

    I just came across this site HeyWhatsThat Path Profiler while trying to figure out why this site which I've used before seems to be broken. RF Line of Sight - SCADACore I don't see the map, just a gray background and the lat/long boxes. any others you guys use? thanks
  4. D

    Found It ( Map to find your Radius )

    Was doing some research and found this site that is Norton safe, all you have to do is go to once there scroll down to where you can put in the radius that you want, go back up to the map find were you live and click on your location, should show you what you can receive...
  5. R

    Help about LRRP : how to change map's language

    Hi to everyone I'm a french DSD & LRRP user and I'm going to China in a few weeks In order to use these softwares in that country, I would like to DL maps but all is written in chinese language :-S Does one of you know how to get the french version (e.g : Pékin) or, at least, the english one...
  6. mcjones2013

    Sacramento County Fire Map Pages

    Does anyone know what map book and/or software Sacramento county & city fire agencies dispatched by Sacramento Regional Fire/EMS Dispatch Center (SRFECC) use? I assumed it would be Thomas Guide since many other agencies use that but the pages don't match up to what is dispatched. Is this a...
  7. W

    VSP STARS question

    Driving from Charlottesville to Richmond today, listening to VSP STARS. Can anyone explain why I heard Culpeper and Fairfax on towers listed for Williamsburg and Waverly? Also, anyone have a good (accurate) map of the tower locations? TIA.
  8. R

    Map of all the locations of all the towers

    Hi, I was wondering if there is a map of all the towers, this way I have a better understanding of which way I have to point my antenna. It is a directional antenna on a rotor.
  9. S

    Baltimore County Fire Dept box maps

    I am trying to find fire box maps for Baltimore County FD. I have some vary vary old ones from years ago when I was volunteer, and they really don't work well anymore. If anyone would happen to have a copy of them I could get, or if someone can advise me where I can get them, I would truly...
  10. V

    Canada Open Data: TAFL geodatabase

    Hi, After running into TAFL/Spectrum Direct data at work, I was determined to make it a little easier to use. The TAFL files are now licensed as open data, so you can incorporate them into your own projects and data sets. I've written a script to convert the TAFL database to a SpatiaLite...
  11. btlacer

    ACARSD Map?

    Hi everyone, I was just now able to get ACARSD to work on my computer but now I want to be able to plot the planes on a map as they transmit. I have no idea how to do this can someone help? I have no idea how to make a map. I would like the map to be 400 miles in all directions. My cord. is...
  12. ai8o

    SC Forestry Radio Zone Map

    I have uploaded a map I created today of the SC Forestry Radio Zones. I posted it to the SC Forestry Wiki page. I used the data from the updated SC Forestry page on RR. While creating the map, I noticed that there are blank areas and some sites are obviously missing. Also one county on the...
  13. M

    SSD Beat Map

    Does anyone have a SSD Beat Map like in a PDF or some other format? If so I would like a copy of one. Please post! Or PM me! It would be greatly appreciated!