1. kc9lfd

    DMR equipment question

    I would like to apologize if this isn't the est place to post about DMR-related questions. I didn't see a dedicated DMR board and this seemed seemed as close as I could find. My question is about DMR radios equipped with GPS for location sharing -- does anyone know of a DMR that can be equipped...
  2. amoking

    Is rfinder down for others?

    I used it in August but I cannot access it today. Tried on Firefox, Edge and my phone's browser. Yes, I checked my firewalls. The web says there are no issues with their url. Trying to map repeaters along a route for an upcoming trip that I'll program via RT Systems. TM-V71A.
  3. R

    Public Safety EDACS Scanning and Mapping

    I want to record and map the RSSI values for a "Digital Trunked EDACS Radio System" in the 800 MHz band. Questions: 1. Which Uniden radio scanner and software would allow me to use a GPS to record (Lat, Long) and the corresponding RSSI value for Control and Traffic Channels? 2. Can the...