1. S

    HAM Radio Coverage Of NYC Marathon Tomorrow?

    Does anyone have the details regarding which HAM repeaters will be used for the NYC HAM radio volunteers assisting with marathon comms tomorrow?
  2. S

    "RED" frequency?

    I'm brand new at listening to scanners and I could use a little help. I have a uniden bc75xlt, it's not much but it works. I'm a freelance photographer for several newspapers and I like to get all the info i can whether it be a fire, car accident or whatever. i'd like a few tips if someone...
  3. B

    Marathon Co Changing from Tait to Motorola

    December 16, WSAU 550 Wausau – (Wisconsin) Marathon County buys new emergency radios. Marathon County, Wisconsin is changing a plan to buy emergency radios. The county board had been working with Tait-North America to upgrade emergency communications. Tait had been installing a series of...
  4. w2lie

    Special Feed: NYC Marathon 2009

    This Sunday, November 1st, is the NYC Marathon!! will be streaming activity from NYPD, Media, and Amateur Radio on my "SPECIAL" Feed. A full list of frequencies will be posted later tonight, and the feeds will start EARLY on Sunday Morning. If anyone has any special requests for...