1. pilondav

    Handheld Control Head Question

    Hi. I know this is pretty obscure information, but I'm looking to interface a Syntor X9000/Spectra handheld control head (HCN4027C) to a Radius M400 mobile (almost the same as a Maratrac). It looks like the Syntor/Spectra HHCH is the same as the Maratrac HHCH, but with a round connector...
  2. B

    Installing a Motorola Maratrac Radio

    I know this has been posted before but it has been awhile and I am a new member. I recently bought a Maratrac off ebay and need any instructions on installing it. If someone has a manual they are willing to share or install instructions I would appreciate it.
  3. krokus

    Maratrac volume control

    Being the one currently in charge of radios for my FD, I'm getting complaints from some members that the volume control for one of our first-out units is causing a problem. Reportedly the audio levels are changing on their own, and there is a notable lag/overrun in the intended volume control...