maricopa county

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    Problems with RS Pro-652 in AZ

    For some unknown reason I lost the ability to monitor a lot of freqs in Maricopa County, especially MCSO. About all I can hear now is Dispatch on the West side. Before I was listening to just about anything I wanted. I have used Win500 to reprogram the 652, but to no avail. I have used ARC 500...
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    Need help programming Uniden BCD996XT

    I use freeSCANN to program my Uniden bcd996xt. My primary goal is to listen to MCSO in Queen Creek. They are dispatched through the east talk group. (MCSO - East). I am located in Pinal County boarding the Maricopa County line. Whenever I pull up the Maricopa County System I get over 15 Sites...