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    SMART Train NXDN

    Good afternoon. I'm tying to listen to SMART Train Communications. According to Radio Reference it is NXDN. I think I'm listing to a control channel and that is is NXDN 48 - Correct me if you think differently. Sample of what I'm talking about...
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    MERA Freescan BCD996XT

    I just received a used Uniden BCD996XT. It did not come with the USB cable so while I have been waiting for that to arrive I have been plugging in frequencies and TGID's into the freescan program. Does anyone have a working MERA freescan file I could take a look at to cross reference my work...
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    Marin County MERA system

    Is there anyone who is familiar with the Marin County MERA system that might be able to give some guidance on the correct programming for a Bearcat scanner? I've tried downloading from the database a very specific and narrow range of Fire/EMS frequencies because that's what I need to monitor...
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    Marin MERA Fire Feed - Is the any interest?

    I've been a lurker for some time. I'm a volunteer firefighter in Marin. When I got my smart phone over a year ago (Blackberry) there was a feed for the Marin MERA channels for fire. Unfortunately it evaporated some time ago. How much interest is there out there for a Marin MERA feed...