marine band

  1. TomServo

    Land-based company using marine channel 69 in S Baldwin County?

    Hey guys. For the last several months, I've been hearing what sounds like dispatch calls on 156.475 MHz, which is marine channel 69 for "non-commercial operations". It sounds like dump trucks or a cement company judging by the one side of the conversations that I can hear. I'm wondering if...
  2. E

    CB Radio On The Water

    Does anybody here use or have heard others use regular 26/27 mhz on boats? For whatever reason, differerent charecteristics than marine VHF, or just to not clog up the marine VHF traffic, etc.
  3. L

    Savannah River / Port of Savannah

    Are there "official" marine channels for the port area? For example the harbor pilots/tugs to ship or port to ship? I know Coast Guard Charleston/Tybee is on Ch. 21.
  4. R

    CH16 Transmission Question

    I'm trying to gain a better understanding as an in-shore fisherman of how VHF marine radios work and would appreciate if someone could answer this question. Scenario: I transmit a radio check or distress message on Channel 16 to the Coast Guard over my handheld 5W Cobra VHF Marine Radio 1/4mi...
  5. M

    CW on Channel 64A every 30 minutes

    CW repeating on 156.2250 marine CH64A every 30 minutes. I live 200+ miles from the coast but fairly close to the Savannah River. The only ships that can navigate this far up the river would be rather small. I started scanning the marine band after reading about hunters illegally using it...
  6. M

    Cruise ship freq.

    Anyone know the freq's used on the NCL's Noregion Star. I'm cruising next week to Alaska and would like to listen to shipboard activity.
  7. M

    Cable between Auto tuner & Antenna HF

    Hi, can any one please tell me what kind of cable/wire should be used between an Auto tuner & antenna. The antenna tuner is a Barrett 911 ( 911 Automatic antenna tuner ) the antenna we have is a 18-20 foot aluminium vertical with just a single screw for connecting the wire from the tuner to...
  8. cifn2

    Marine Radio Usage?

    I have been noticing on the Marine Frequencies, an increased usage in Illinois. I have also saw walmart sells them right along the FRS, but with increased power and increase range testimony. I have noticed by using the Marine bank in my mobile scanner, that several groups are using them, they...