1. MikeTheListener

    USCG on 12750 kHz

    Yesterday evening (20:55 UTC) I was able to receive the USCG weather fax on 12750 kHz in good quality here in Germany. Unfortunately, towards the end (in the picture below) the signal dropped a bit.
  2. D

    Shortwave Maritime Transcripts?

    First time poster with little to no monitoring experience looking for a little help. I am a fiction writer working on a book that involves shortwave radio communication. I have found a number of youtube videos of maritime transmissions, but what I could really use is some typed transcripts to...
  3. crazy_19

    Coast Guard and Lake MIchigan

    Hey all, I was contemplating getting a HF reciver but before I do I was wondering if anybody knows if their is much usage of HF by either the Coast Guard or vessels in general in the area of southern Lake Michigan.
  4. w4wxp

    What is this net? (Video attached)

    Anyone know what this net is? I have no idea. It was on 6977 khz at 10:30 pm GMT today (Sept 23rd). I'm sure it's maritime related, but it sounded like a ham net....but absolutely not on 40 meters as it was in the 6 meg range. Is that a maritime ssb frequency? If so, what's the net called...
  5. KC9SGV

    Great Lakes Marine Mobile Net - Ham Radio Net for boaters.

    Hi All, Please join us on Saturday and Sunday mornings during the summer boating season on the Great Lakes Marine Mobile Net. We are on HF, VHF, Echolink, IRLP, Skype, CQ100 and Ustream. Times are 0830 a.m. ET and 1030 a.m. ET on weekend mornings. 7.263 MHz LSB +/- QRM Echolink node # 528436...