1. F

    Icom: MARS/CAP Mod on IC-4100A Help

    I bought an IC-4100A that has already had the MARS/CAP modification (or so I’m told). I can’t find much about this mod online for this particular radio. I don’t think the mod was fully completed and don’t think the transmit if fully unlocked. Either it wasn’t fully modified or possibly there...
  2. M

    MARS in San Diego?

    I am looking into joining MARS and am curious if anyone knows if there is a chapter in or around the San Diego area?
  3. R

    Recommend a dual/band with easy extended transmit mod

    I’m hoping someone can help me with a specific recommendation on a dual band 2m/70cm, with extended receive, and an easy modification to extend the TX range. I would prefer the extended TX mod to be easily switched on/off if possible. I know the Kenwood V71A could be modified as such due to its...
  4. Wheels47130

    MARS certification?

    Ok, I have all my ARES certs in. The background an DHS/FEMA test. I want to work with Navy MARS. Please let me know what I need to do so I can get certified with them. KK4NPQ Timothy Agee
  5. Danny37

    When did NYC VACs lose their radio privilege on FDNY EMS

    I remember hearing them on FDNY EMS a while back but now it's seems that every VAC is given a MARS radio instead and are NOT allowed on FDNY EMS. When did this happen?