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    BC346XT: Help with Mass State Police programming

    Good evening, I have been programming Mass State Police into my BC346XT for years. Recently the scanner is locking up on the trunking frequencies and not releasing the banks. Also, when I program certain State Police troops such as Troop H, or Troop D of Mass State Police, I am now getting a...
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    Please bear with me as I am new to this: Has anybody else had reoccuring issues with the MSP trunked freq going dark? I executed the firmwhere update and am now able to pick up MA Environmental PD, but MSP is still lacking. I have gone so far as create an entire new profile using the Win500...
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    BC346XT Programming

    Good Evening, I just bought a Uniden BC346XT, and am wondering a few things in regards to programming it. The Massachusetts State Police primarily use a trunked system (which I have programmed in properly for my area), but they also use low band VHF for car to car and informal communications...