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    Maxon APT-25

    I have an OLD Maxon APT-25 Dial-In two tone encoder. I can't find the programming manual- can anyone help? I know it is done via telephone on dial in, I just can't remember how it goes. Thank you in advance! Ryan
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    Maxon Endura SM2541 Programming Cable

    Does anyone have a schematic for a Maxon ACC-2500 Programming cable for the Endura SM2541 Mobile radio? Or know of a cable from any other radios that would work to program this radio? We have the software to reprogram it but do not have a cable and find it not cost effective to purchase a $50...
  3. C

    Maxon TM-4800 programming

    I have a new in the box Maxon TM-4800 mobile 800 trunking radio and not only find any info on it but can not find the software to program it. It's a nice looking radio and I have contacted a few radio dealers but no one seems to have the software. Can anyone out help me? Thanks Howard
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    Software Needed for Maxon sp120

    Hello I need to get the copy of maxon sp120 software for my church. Ours is not reading off the old floppy. We have a few of the sp120V for the building.