mcas yuma

  1. radioprescott

    YUMA AREA USMC MCI West System BEE000-14C

    Took a trip to SoCal via I-8, through Yuma County and Imperial Country. My wife graciously allowed me to stop at various malls and markets on the way (interesting that she chose those locations instead of an offramp in the middle of the desert :confused:) to fire up Unitrunker on the laptop and...
  2. radioprescott

    Yuma Proving Grounds

    Soent a few days in Yuma. Here's my report om Yuma Proving Grounds per Unitrunker: Yuma Proving Ground 3 site system BEE00-3C5 SYS 001 NAC 3c0 SITE 1-001 Telegraph Pass 386.1125-c 386.2625-a 386.4125-a 386.5625-a 386.7125 387.2125 387.5500 387.7000 387.9625 388.3625 388.5125 389.5250...
  3. E5911

    DOD (army) new BSTRS

    The army is currently installing new P25 380mhz trunking systems in Arizona. The systems are about 98% AES encrypted. All public safety, all mission related is now required to be encrypted. The only unencrypted TG in the system in yuma is the maint folks.
  4. radioprescott

    DOD P25 System in Yuma AZ?

    Took a trip thru Yuma AZ this weekend and confimed a P25 system at MCAS-Yuma: System: 0338h - 0101 388.3125 cc 386.6875 P25 voice (Quiet system, no other voice channels detected in the time I had to monitor) Good decoding from west of the All American Canal on I-8, and up to north of Stome...