1. jonwienke

    Lot of 3 TYT MD-390 UHF transceivers with extras.

    Everything shown in the photo: 3 THT MD-390 UHF handhelds with antennas, 3 charging stands, 5 2200mAH batteries (one for each radio plus 2 spares), 2 12V battery eliminators, and 2 programming cables. Everything is used, but in 100% working condition. $150 OBO: Lot of 3 TYT MD-390 UHF radios +...
  2. H

    DMR to DMR w/ 2 Radios, Is this possible?

    Hi, I have 2 DMR MD390 radios, but don't have a DMR repeater in my area. Can these radios talk to each other in DMR mode or do you need a repeater that supports DMR? Tnx.