1. rustyhodge

    SFFD Communications Manual

    I ran across this and thought it would be of interest. Very long and detailed: The 2008 SFFD Communications manual. The stuff on the physical radios is seems outdated (well, some of them at least), but the protocols and such is very useful. Plus I love...
  2. J

    Realtime Los Angeles 911 Call Log

    I've been looking for something like this for a while, and since IPN seems to be updated at will, I decided to bust out my rusty software developer skills and create an automated LAFD call console of my own. Combines many sources of already accessible data, including CHP...
  3. D

    Spillman CAD Sounds

    Does anyone have the Spillman CAD sounds? I am looking for all the ones they have... I've seen previous posts about them but they are closed and over a year old. Thank you for considering my request.
  4. B

    Motorola MDT 9100-T Hookup

    Hello I have a Motorola MDT 9100-T that I am looking to power up. Can anyone help me as to how to hook it up to power it on. Or is there a wiring diagram out there? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. T

    lots of MDT freqs posted in LA County.

    There's a lot of new MDT freqs in LA County added for sheriffs, LAPD, LAC fire and even the MTA. If MDT frequencies are unscannable why bother even posting them? I know there are a lot of agencies that rely heavily on MDT messaging, such as LA County Sheriff's department, but there still is...
  6. R

    Vallejo PD switching to all MDT dispatching???

    I've noticed a change in Vallejo PD traffic over the last couple days and I was wondering if anyone here shared my observations. In the past, the bulk of the calls for service were verbally dispatched over Vallejo PD 1 (155.910) while some sensitive calls (drug dealing and prostitution, for...