1. L

    Status of MSP Aviation frequencies?

    I am looking to get into scanning, and I wanted to make sure I'm not operating on outdated Information before I start looking at VHF low band antennas. The EMRC website and resources say that SYSCOM and MSP Aviation use 44.74 MHz and 47.66 MHz for comms and consults. Looking at the database I...
  2. Sanscanman

    Methodist Aircare

    Good Afternoon, I have been hearing tone outs and flight info on 151.5050 They identify the channel as "flight guard". there are two different PL's that I have identified so far. DCS 115 appears to be Air Care 1 based in San Antonio and DCS 054 appears to be Air Care 4 based in Seguin. There...
  3. R

    NorthFlight EMS helicopter

    Has anyone discovered frequency information for NorthFlight - NorthStar EMS's new helicopter that is now in service and serving the Tuscaloosa/West Alabama area. I have heard them inbound and departing Birmingham talking to ATCC and UAB on the HEAR frequency (155.3400). Air Methods is...
  4. GTR8000

    Mobile Life Support Services no longer providing Lifeguard medevac service

    Effective April 30th, MLSS will no longer provide flight medics for the Lifeguard helicopters out of Orange County. It's not clear yet what, if anything, the NYSP will do with the program going forward.
  5. Z

    ARCH Air Medical

    Is the dispatch frequency for ARCH Air Comm STL base 461.52500? What other frequencies does ARCH use and how do they work? Does the dispatch frequency dispatch ARCH like dispatchers do for public safety, or is it just helicopter operations? Thanks!
  6. mkewman

    Med Evac Helicopters in Sacramento

    I've been monitoring Med-evac Helicopters for some time on the Public Safety side, and on Helo to Helo frequencies, but I'm trying to get a better understanding of how things work here in Sacramento on the Aviation frequencies, and since I took a little hiatus from the hobby to dedicate more...
  7. joshua86

    Confined Space Rescue

    SouthSTAR just dispatched (standby only) for confined space rescue. Im unsure where exactly, anyone from south jersey know whats goin on?
  8. k6scm

    Right now: Joint CHP/USAF SAR/Medevac Op on CALCORD/CLEMARS1

    Does anyone have any information on the traffic taking place between CHP H-24 and USAF Rescue aircraft 1-15 utilizing CALCORD and CLEMARS1 for Air-Ground SAR with a "Team-1" and discussing patient extraction ops currently underway? There is also a CHP S-2 at the CP. Location is unknown, but...