1. S

    Press Credentials/Radio

    Hi all, As someone who enjoys stringing in their free time, I recently started to become rather serious about this and I was wondering if this is truly something I could pursue professionally in my area? I am a resident of Lee County (Fort Myers). CCPD, FMPD, and LCSO are all full DE and only...
  2. M

    TV News Media Helicopters Fleet Tracking on ADSBexchange Aircraft Tracking Site

    TV News Media Helicopters Fleet Tracking on ADSBexchange Aircraft Tracking Site Tracking them on the uncensored flight tracking network (FlightAware and FlightRadar24 blocks some media helicopters or info) TV News Media Helicopters Custom Fleet Tracking Links... (123 aircraft...
  3. W

    SoCal Facebook Page

    For all of us Facebook users, it can be nice to have a place were we can ask a question or just share knowledge in a place were we go relatively frequently. If you have a Facebook account and live in or around the Southern California area, check out this page...
  4. B

    Media Monitoring for New Orleans area

    Anyone know of frequencies for monitoring of the local news media radio communications in the New Orleans area? Mainly interested in how the local stations inform their outside reporters of breaking incidents for WWL, WDSU, WGNO, Times Picayune, etc.
  5. dugan

    Example of media admitting the scanner as their source

    Here is a link to an unfolding tragedy where the media admits they got some of the main information from a scanner. Maybe it is not a big deal, but in light of recent discussions I thought it was interesting. I am not surprised the use the scanner. I am surprised that they admitted, in the...
  6. RyanRox099

    News Media Hillsborough County

    Are the News Media freq used in Hillsborough County? If so what do they use them for? News Media Scanner Frequencies and Radio Frequency Reference