1. marksroberson

    Escambia Med Frequency

    Hello folks, I have been listening to a frequency for several days now trying to figure out what/where it is coming from. So, I have had my SDR connected to my only outside UHF antenna (usually used for my only UHF base radio for SARNet etc...) but i hooked the sdr up to confirm and receive DMR...
  2. Bruce42

    UHF Medical Channels in Sac Valley

    I was going through my BCD996XT scanner with the XT-Pro software and found that on MED7 I am hearing five different tones. I think I have identified Woodland Memorial on 186.2 Hz and Nevada County on 203.5 Hz. I am also logging 131.8, 210.7 and D732. Can anyone give me an ID on which...
  3. BamaScan

    Med Helicopters in Panhandle

    I have been trying to find the following med helicopters radio frequencies in the Panhandle of Florida. LifeFlight and Air Heart. I am mainly looking for Escambia, Santa Rosa, okaloosa and Walton County. I found Lifeguard on 460.825, but no others. Since Air Methods took over I can't find them...
  4. anthonymodrow

    HCMC and ambulance streams

    Anyone able to put a feed online for HCMC area hospitals and medicals online?
  5. nate1992

    pending feed & questions / multiple countys

    Hi i host a feed and i have another one pending the one pending has been pending for about 3days now i requested it under state wide as it covers multiple county and town/city fire dispatches along with state fire ground & us forest service fire ground which leads to my first question Should...