1. T

    PHI Air Medical Mississippi

    Does anyone happen to know what system the new air medical service (PHI Air Medical) is using? I figured it is MSWIN being they already have those radios installed in their aircraft from their time being the helicopter provider for UMMC's AirCare and if it is MSWIN has anyone discovered with TG...
  2. marksroberson

    Escambia Med Frequency

    Hello folks, I have been listening to a frequency for several days now trying to figure out what/where it is coming from. So, I have had my SDR connected to my only outside UHF antenna (usually used for my only UHF base radio for SARNet etc...) but i hooked the sdr up to confirm and receive DMR...
  3. Bruce42

    UHF Medical Channels in Sac Valley

    I was going through my BCD996XT scanner with the XT-Pro software and found that on MED7 I am hearing five different tones. I think I have identified Woodland Memorial on 186.2 Hz and Nevada County on 203.5 Hz. I am also logging 131.8, 210.7 and D732. Can anyone give me an ID on which...
  4. BamaScan

    Med Helicopters in Panhandle

    I have been trying to find the following med helicopters radio frequencies in the Panhandle of Florida. LifeFlight and Air Heart. I am mainly looking for Escambia, Santa Rosa, okaloosa and Walton County. I found Lifeguard on 460.825, but no others. Since Air Methods took over I can't find them...
  5. anthonymodrow

    HCMC and ambulance streams

    Anyone able to put a feed online for HCMC area hospitals and medicals online?
  6. nate1992

    pending feed & questions / multiple countys

    Hi i host a feed and i have another one pending the one pending has been pending for about 3days now i requested it under state wide as it covers multiple county and town/city fire dispatches along with state fire ground & us forest service fire ground which leads to my first question Should...