mendocino county

  1. RadioGuy1951

    Scrambled comms on CHP 39mhz

    2 days ago I heard scrambled (inversion) comms on one of the mhz CHP channels... This was in Mendocino County I was driving and in the light available I wasn't able to see which EXACT channels it was. If I hear it again I hope I can hit the manual button in time, so it doesn't...
  2. RadioGuy1951

    Ukiah CHP on Blue-2

    We got 6"+ snow at my place overnight... Ukiah CHP is dispatching on Coast Blue-2 (44.92mhz)... I don't know if White channel is down...
  3. RadioGuy1951

    Mendocino Co massive search for killer continues

    The massive search continues for 35 year old Aaron Basler in Mendocino County, wanted for 2 murders... Basler is wanted in the murder of Jere Melo, and has also been connected to the murder of Matthew Coleman earlier in August... Reports state the Mendocino County Sheriff Tom Alllman as...