mesa fire

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    Confused About Mesa Fire VHF & P25

    Radio Reference database has "deprecated," or more or less de-listed, the VHF frequencies for the Mesa Fire Department. There is no traffic on these frequencies that I can receive with a gain antenna from my home in Scottsdale. There is no indication of where that VHF fire traffic has moved...
  2. A

    Mesa Fire Feeds

    I am wondering what happened to the tactical channels on the Mesa Fire feeds. Does anyone know why I am not hearing Mesa Fire's channels 2 & 3? They used to come across on the East Valley feed, but stopped a while ago.
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    Programming Phoenix/Mesa Fire into a Pro 96

    Hi All, I must be going out of my mind here so I can use some help. I am using the following frequencies to hear these channels but my Pro-2096 is not picking up any activity. I have them set to FM mode and can hear them fine on the RR website or the iPhone but nothing on the scanner. What...