1. P

    Mesquite, TX police

    I purchased a Uniden BCD325P2... I was told it would broadcast the Digital Phase 2 calls and was told that Mesquite has changed to using this system. HOW do I program the scanner to listen to the Mesquite, Tx police calls. I used to listen to them all the time until they changed...
  2. D

    Garland Trunked System Update

    So far, I was listening on Mesquite, the dispatcher went on all the Talk Channels and TAC Channel and said "All units, take your traffic to North, the talk channels will be out. Tactical will be on Information." I was confused for a minute, then realized that they are joining with Garlands...
  3. hiegtx

    Garlanad and Mesquite to Upgrade systems

    This was in last Saturday's Dallas Morning News. "Upgrading communications systems is hitting city and county budgets east of Dallas hard, but emergency management and information technology officials say improvements are vital." Full article: Garland, Mesquite defend joint plan to fund...
  4. brandon

    NSRS Primm to Mesquite on I-15

    What NSRS sites do I need to program for the drive between Primm to Mesquite on the I-15 freeway? So far I have programmed: Primm, Jean, Las Vegas, Angel Peak, Arrow Canyon....I'm especially hoping to find what sites I need programmed during the long stretch between Vegas and Mesquite. Thanks...