1. rjvalenta

    MFJ 2100 Octopus

    i'm considering an MFJ2100 Octopus on top of a fence top rail as a mast... not sure how durable it will be when left outside long term, or how well it will work with my MFJ939 tuner... i originally wanted to get the CHA Spider, but they aren't currently being made and Chameleon says they won't...
  2. MFJ-462B Multi-reader

    MFJ-462B Multi-reader

    Just don't use this enough to justify keeping it. I seem to use the PC instead. This reader is in excellent condition. I'm including a power supply, a mono audio cord, and a printed manual. Price is $100. Paypal is fine and I will pay for shipping and insurance via USPS Priority Mail. I ship...
  3. fdnyfish


    I am trying to avoid installing another NMO mount in my vehicle for my scanner. I currently have a dual band antenna for my ham radio on my NMO Mount. I was wondering if anyone has tried using a MFJ-1708SDR for their scanner.
  4. snerd

    MFJ Long Ranger

    Lol! Just got my BCD436HP this morning. Fiddled with it for awhile, hearing a few local agencies. I had my 2-meter HT sitting here, decided to pull the MFJ-1714S Long Ranger off it and once I put it on the scanner, holy crap! I was hearing stuff from towns 50 miles away! It's a half-wave on...
  5. JamesPrine

    Frequency Counter for MFJ transceivers

    I love my venerable MFJ-9420 except for the analog dial frequency readout, which is far from accurate. Does anyone make a decent frequency counter/digital display for these little radios? I can cobble something together, true, but I'd rather have something more polished and professional...
  6. ZigZag747

    MFJ 9410 TX issue w/ pic of possible problem.

    Just purchased a MFJ 9410 for a little portable DXing...Packed it up with the MFJ 971 tuner and MFJ 2210 hamstick dipole on a 16' extendable painters pole and headed to the ocean...10m was booming, Rx was amazing, pulling in signals from UK and S. America...Once I figured out the pile-up wasn't...
  7. J

    Antenna Tuner Question

    Does anyone have any good recommendations on a good tuner for random wire antennas on HF band? I am receiving only shortwave broadcasts and wondering if a tuner would give me a decent signal over what I have now. Any suggestions or info would be great. Thanks