1. M

    430-470Mhz antenna on 403-470 ht 750?

    I'm not radio savy so this might be a dumb question. Can I use a 430-470Mhz UHF antenna on my UHF ht 750 that's 403-470MHz without harming it? Or should I just buy a 403-470MHz antenna?
  2. mgolden2

    900 mhz antenna suggestion

    Hello all. I just bought my first Motorola GTX mobile 900 mhz radio, the 30 watt version, and am now looking for suggestions on which mobile antenna to use. I prefer the NMO mounts and a gain antenna. Size isnt really an issue since it will be on a vehicle. What do you guys use? Any...
  3. A

    Cherokee Co icall / itac channels?

    hi yall, If this is in the wrong spot let me know please... Anyway on the RR database, in the state of Georgia, cherokee county has some 800mhz icall, itac channels. I was listening from north fulton county / johns creek area and there seemed to be a lot of interference while listening. Do...