1. DylanMadigan

    CDM Pro Radio CPS - Enable monitor when mic off hook

    Sorry I tried looking around quite a bit but I'm having trouble finding what I'm looking for. Being we use our radios on a shared frequency with our own PL, is there any way where we can program the CDM radios to enable Monitor mode when the mic is taken off the hook? Just by looking at the mic...
  2. A

    Turner Plus Three CB Mic

    Hello, I have a Turner Plus 3 that has been converted from 8 pin to 4pin. It keys up just fine but no audio comes over. I have tested it on a Ranger RCI-6900F . I then tried it on a Realistic TRC-432. Same result. On the realistic I am using a 4 pin to 5 pin converter cable , however that cable...
  3. D

    Remote Speaker Mic 4 Uniden?

    Hi, I have the Uniden GMR5089 and I’m trying to find a compatible Remote Speaker Mic. Any advice?
  4. O

    anytone 5555n

    Any help would be appreciated. I would like to switch the stock mic for my d-104 not sure of the pin out for the rg45 connector. I have the 4 pin ready to go just don't know how to make the connection. thanks
  5. S

    TK-2180 with KMC-41 Mic problems

    So I have a TK-2180 that I use for my volunteer department. A few months ago I tried to use a used KMC-41 mic. When I plugged the mic into my portable, it appeared to be very sensitive. I could flick the microphone and it would transmit. Whenever I switched zones the TX light would display...
  6. K

    CS700 mic options

    Hello all, I'm looking for recommendations on an external speaker/mic for my new CS700. I've read a lot of good & bad on the subject but no one seems to recommend a model or part number. I don't mind if I have to do some surgery to remove or change a resistor or whatever. My CS700 arrived about...
  7. I

    HM 133

    good afternoon, just wanted to ask if anybody here knows if I can use an HM-133 on my old IC 229H? if so, can you please show me how. it would be a very big help if you can show me where the wires are supposed to go. what color from the modular connector goes to which pin on the 8-pin round...
  8. M

    mts2000 mic muted on repeaters

    New to the forum, seems there are people here who know what they're about. Here's a conundrum! I have an MTS2000 model H01RDD9PW1BN: flash code 001008-000000-0 (I've attached a .CPG file renamed as .Doc...... so rename back to .CPG (it might work)) ! I have re-programmed mode A with the 8...
  9. daugherh

    HT1250 Speaker Mic Question

    Hello all I recently purchased a HT1250 and have it set up the way I like. I ordered a speaker mic for it from ebay and it works, but I get the audio from both the speaker mic's speaker and the HT's speaker. Since the accessories are supposedly interchangeable with the Moto GP338 I hooked the...
  10. wmetech1

    PSR-800 Scanning Wireless Microphone & Intercom Frequencies

    Hello all. I have a part time job doing general sound/lighting/maintenance work in a theater. One day over the weekend, out of boredom, I decided to program the wireless mic and intercom frequencies into my PSR-800 via the EZ Scan software. When entering in any of the 12+ frequencies I have, I...
  11. D

    NEW CBer Cobra 29 nw wx st w/ little wil modding questions

    hi guys im newer to cb i have had 2 for years used them but never knew why i wasnt getting any rx then i got out for a while till i started looking around on the net, anyways i have a uniden pc68ltw and a cobra 25 nw ltd that i am selling because i just got a cobra 29 nw wx st and i am possibly...
  12. W

    Intercom Mic (.206) Wiring

    I was hoping to make a little adapter to play music on my intercom system for long cross country flights. I found a .206" plug. (http://www.aircraftspruce.com/pdf/2012Individual/Cat12649.pdf No.11-00702) My plan is to solder a wire and 1/8" standard headphone plug to this. First off will this...
  13. D

    Uniden SMU250KTS microphone

    does anyone know how to get a microphone for a uniden smu250kts radio. i phone a website that had it via the part number but the site said it was discontinued, was wondering if anyone knew another way to get one. on the radio it appears it be a female mic jack need a 5 pin mic with a male end...
  14. B

    VX-150 "Shoulder Mic" (Speaker Mic)

    Does anyone know anywhere I can buy a "Shoulder Mic" for a Vertex VX-150 Radio. I work for a Public Safety Department at a College. I need a "Shoulder Mic" to be able to perform easy. Thank You