michigan state police

  1. villlythekid

    Quick Question about MPSCS

    Hello y’all, I am originally from Maryland but will be going up to St. Joseph County, MI for a few weeks. From what I understand, the county sheriff and the municipal PD’s are on another system, but I would want to program the nearest State Police post (which would be MSP Post 54- District 5)...
  2. drdispatch

    MSP Aviation

    A very good article from Professional Pilot Magazine, profiling MSP's Aviation Section: AIRBORNE LAW ENFORCEMENT
  3. drdispatch

    New MSP Paint Scheme Coming in 2017!

    For the 100th anniversary of the Michigan State Police, a throwback paint scheme for the Chargers. Sneek Peek at MSP Anniversary Project | MI Headlines
  4. N

    Homepatrol vs BCD996 XT Programming Software

    I have a dilemma I hope some of you can help me with. I am looking at purchasing a scanner. I am a HAM and have programmed many scanners in my day, however never a trunking scanner with GPS. Here is what I want to do. My goal is a scanner that I will have in my car while I travel all of the...
  5. S

    port huron/st. clair co help

    Hi all: I'm traveling from southern Ontario [Canada] to Chicago later this week via Port Huron. We're actually spending the night in p.h. I'm wondering: 1. is msp troop 24 responsible for the st. Clair county area? I'm actually blind and not able to look at the maps. If so, what unit numbers...