1. KI4VBR

    Radar (traffic) Bands In Use In Tampa Bay Area

    I am working on setting up a new Uniden R3 radar detector. I am wondering if anyone has a handle on what microwave bands are being used and which bands are not in use in Pinellas & Hillsborough. I have some granular control over each band, including sensitivity and bandwidth. i would like to...
  2. 902

    Comments in 4.9 GHz proceeding could have 700 MHz impact

    Washington, D.C. Yesterday, the FCC voted to initiate a proceeding to reconsider the use of the 4.9 GHz band dedicated solely to public safety a decade ago. Part of the proceeding will be to examine whether the band can be used better by allowing non-public-safety entities access to the 50 MHz...
  3. kb8zxe

    MPSCS microwave

    I was bored so I thought that I would try to find out what info there was out there for the MPSCS microwave backbone. It turns out that there is more information on fcc.gov than I know what to do with. I started with the Western U.P. and got a few counties complete. I have no idea if this is...