1. PrivatelyJeff

    Leave scanner scanning air/mil-air bands

    Do you allow feeds to just run in open mode, scanning a frequency range, or do they have to be set to certain frequencies only? I was thinking of setting up a feed that just scans the standard air and mil-air bands and whatever it catches, it broadcasts. Another option would be to “channelize”...
  2. J

    Ft Hood Comms

    I'm in the Whitney area and focus my monitering interest on SWdx, CivAir, MilAir and Utility. I have been trying for Ft Hood comms and have not been successful yet. I am on a high cliff on the shore of Lake Whitney. This location gives me good elevation with minimal obstruction. I am using...
  3. A

    Mil-air over Chicago (NATO Summit)

    I have been hearing a lot of activity on 260.900 MHz, and 353.550 MHz. Does anybody else have some other active frequencies?
  4. J

    TN ANG Mil-Air Knoxville (TYS) HELP

    Ok, after finally figuring out how to program my RS Pro-106 (with help from some amazing RR members), here's my latest issue. I live about 1/2 mile from the ANG base at Knoxville's Magee-Tyson (TYS) airport. I've programmed about 50 of what appear to be the "right" freqs (i.e. CP Soda control...
  5. J

    I need a PRO-106 Pro!

    For the past 35 years, I've always owned and listened to a scanner, however figuring out my PRO-106 is right up there with 11th grade Algebra...I JUST DON’T GET IT! Here are a few questions for anyone who has "been there". I THOUGHT I had figured out the whole "scannable object" and "scan list"...