1. Dutchmil

    Mid-Atlantic MilAir 2024

    Good morning and a Happy New Year to everyone !! WINK 41 (57-1493) departed from MacDill AFB this morning and is now established in the HUGO CAP.
  2. B

    Milcom scanner

    I'm looking for a hand-held scanner that can receive military frequencies. A few frequencies that I know I'm going to want are 291.600, 120.250 and 315.900 - these are the frequencies used jets training to fly thru Rainbow Canyon in Death Valley (see Rainbow Canyon 6-8th May 2013 &bull...
  3. S

    Milcom/Milair Audio Recordings

    Hi all! I'm a long-time lurker on this forum. I'm working on a video project for my Youtube channel that will include amateur radio recordings of recent military exercises taking place in the U.S. This includes, but is not limited to, operations like Jade Helm and Robin Sage. If you have any...
  4. W

    New comer to MILCOM and SATCOM

    Hello, I am interested in listening to MILCOM and SATCOM. I have read the forum wikis about it however I am still confused regarding the amount of information to comprehend. Im just wondering, what is a good starter receiver and antenna setup to use for MILCOM? Im not interested in SATCOM as...
  5. Bote

    Identify NAS Key West talkgroup users

    I need Milcom experts to help identify who is using what talkgroup at NQX Naval Air Station Boca Chica/Key West, Florida. Ideally, if you have worked at a Naval Air Base it would be most helpful, but anybody who can identify the general ground operations would be helpful. I examined the...
  6. A

    Alliance (KAFW) Blue Angel Radio Freq's Posted

    The US Navy Blue Angel's are at the Dallas-Ft. Worth area Alliance Airport (KAFW) this weekend (30 & 31 October 2010) and typically start around ~14:30 local (subject to change). USAF F-22 Raptor also on station. Mil-Air Frequencies Monitored at KAFW yesterday at Alliance during Practice...
  7. SteveDouglass

    Free MILCOM Interceptors e-book Just for RR subscribers

    I wrote a book - a novel based on my military monitoring experiences titled "The Interceptors Club & the Secret of the Black Manta and I would like you to read it. It's adventure fiction (based loosely on fact) written for young readers (tweens) and adults. My aim in writing it, was to...
  8. A

    NORAD (НОРАД) US ~ Russia Exercise in August

    The North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) announced that it plans to conduct a cooperative air defense exercise with the Russian Air Force in early August. The joint exercise will be on combating terrorism. It will take place both in US and Russian airspace, including western Alaska...
  9. P

    Aviation Freqs UHF

    Has anything changed in the last couple of years regarding milcom UHF freqs in the Omaha area? Still the same like 311, 321, 342.5....I need an antenna for my roof. PSR-500 radio, win500 software Thanks, John