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    Mil-Air : Quick Links for Mil-Air Forum

    Quick Links for Mil-Air Forum AP-1/A (CONUS) - Military MOA's / Special Use Airspace (SUA) and related information in detail AP-1/B (CONUS) - Military Air Refueling and Training Routes, etc...Radio Comm Freq's
  2. TerryPavlick

    Sticky Thread For Mid-Atlantic MilAir 2022

    13:00 SAM 062 99-0003 SAM 997 99-0004 Airborne heading southwest from Andrews
  3. J

    Yaesu FT-60R and the military airband

    I suppose I'm going through that HT phase that new hams tend to go through at one point or another and have several of the Chinese radios, but now I'm looking at getting my first radio from the Big Three, namely the Yaesu FT-60R. I have one question concerning this radio. Is it possible to...
  4. K

    callsign id: RUBY RED

    I heard RUBY RED on 11.175 earlier today with a phone patch through Andrews AFB. At 2:00 p.m. Central I heard the same callsign pass an EAM on 311.000. I don't see RUBY RED on any of the callsign lists I have. Can anyone ID?
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    Combat Air Patrol (CAP) Superbowl 45 BLUE17

    17:00 Hours Dallas time Sunday 6 Feb 2011 Copied a Combat Air Patrol (CAP) Aircraft over DFW heading to Tanker to refuel had visual w/Tanker Freq BLUE 17 Freq: Nation-Wide CAP freq 282.800