1. J

    Noobi -Milwaukee - 852 vs 154?

    I havent had a scanner since I had to buy crystals at RadioShack. There was a great deal on a BCD996XT that I couldnt pass up. Wow. I'm dazed and confused. I'm making my way thru the manuals, documentation, etc. And I have successfully figured out how to scan for public safety! I'm seeing a...
  2. sheriff205

    Milwaukee County pro 164 HELP ME!!!!

    hi all i live in Milwaukee County and i need help with programing my pro 164 with Milwaukee County 800 freq. and i have tryed reading the Easier to Read Pro-97/2055 Scanner Manual. and that made ir HARDER to understand how to program the trunked freq for Milwaukee County, jail ,and other...
  3. M

    A Preprogrammed Channel Question

    I am new to the scanning hobby, but i have found much by myself. I already have the Milwaukee County TRS programmed with my TGIDs, and i know i cant moniter the Opensky Standard that the City of Milwaukee has. However, when i let it pre-program itself with the 100+ channels, I am hearing streets...
  4. n9fam

    Milwaukee Trunk Systems Questions

    I'll be in Milwaukee Saturday, but have 4 questions. 1. According to RR, there is a US Postal Service TRS, LTR, with only one freq listed (LCR-5, 854.7625). Is this correct? I found an FCC, license, WQCG671, to Joseph Dragotta, but no obvious tie to the USPS. 2. Milwaukee City TRS (Open...