minitor 4

  1. N

    Minitor Minitor 3/4 FULL PINOUT! + Programming Tutorial

    Hello! I decided to reverse engineer the pinout for the Motorola Minitor 3/4. I also made a YouTube video on how to program them. Hope you find it useful!
  2. C

    Montgomery County Fire Simulcast on a minitor 4

    Hello and good day I have a minitor 4 that i am wanting to set up on the Montgomery county Fire simulcast frequency 154.1300. I am want to see how or if i can filter out everything But The Miami valley fire division. Anyone with knowledge on this that is willing to help that would be great...
  3. F

    minitor IV (4) questions

    Hi Could anyone tell me if you can change the RF board on my minitor 4 pager and swap it for another band and use it? for example i have 2 UHF minitor 4 pagers i got cheap. i have 2 spare VHF RF boards. from old broken pagers. I heard all i have to do is swap the boards and reprogram...
  4. T

    New Member Howdy

    Although I have a little bit of experience in using 700/800 MHz radios from previous jobs, I am new to using scanners to hear other agency communications. I just got on as a volunteer firefighter for a combination department in early December, issued a Motorola Minitor IV pager and the Active911...
  5. S

    Minitor 4 Problems

    I am wanting to verify some info before try this repair. Actually, I have 2 minitor 4's, with issues, but what I'm gonna describe is only happening on one pager. The main problem I have is continuous squelch, when monitoring radio transmissions, and when I squeeze the pager, frt & back together...
  6. N

    Minitor IV HELP

    I have a Minitor iv that wont decode the tones to drop the page Any one have any ideas whats wrong and the fix? The speaker works because when its on open scan you hear the traffic. all the numbers and freqs are right.
  7. B

    Minitor 4 and alpha pager questions... Livingston county

    A few years back I worked on a fire department here in livingston county. We were issued a Minitor 4 or 5 and a alpha pager to be alerted for fire calls. I have two questions regarding that equipment... 1) Recently I was given a minitor 4 by a friend from ohio... I have the frequency to listen...
  8. VF4life

    MIV help

    i have a minitor 4 low band and it runs on the 43 MHz band and i went to go re program it for a 46 MHz and they told me it was banded and it wont change. how/who can re band it so it will work?
  9. askolits

    Minitor IV Pager Frequency Programming

    I have a Minitor IV With a frequency of 497.05. I’m thinking about buying a programming unit to re-program it to 453.300. But it seems the frequency breaks, for different pagers, may not allow me to do this. Even though it’s a UHF pager, it may need a new board inorder to program it to that...
  10. N

    Minitor III and IV

    Have a question on how to set up the Minitor III and IV's. I have both pagers and they are both 2 channels my question is im trying to set up the 4 switches A is medic 911 page and all call (duty off) B is medic All call (duty on) i need a switch where i can scan both channels to have it...