minitor iii

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    Motorola Minitor Poll

    Which Minitor do you Prefer? What do You Use?
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    motorola minitor 3 pps

    does anyone have the minitor 3 pps that they can send me? Im in need of it and can not pay for it.
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    Minitor III Issue

    Ive gone through multiple minitor 3's and I am now realizing that something is wrong. Initally i had a minitor 3 that I was reprogramming atleast 2 times a month. After a while it was constantly squelching when on open scan(C Switch). After a while i relized that this was would only happen on...
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    Minitor Pagers & Narrow Band

    I would like to know if anyone knows if the Minitor II, III, and IV pagers will work on the new VHF Narrow Banding. I have been told that they will not work but I do not see how they would not work. If I understand Narrow Band right, it only changes the TX. Not the RX. Or am I wrong about that...
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    Minitor 3 housings

    Can anyone tell me where I can buy aftermarket minitor 3 housings?