minitor tone codes

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    Will the BC346XT work in my county with FTO?

    Hello, I volunteer in Montgomery County, MD for my local fire dept. I know in Montgomery County there is a digital trunking system and that the BC346XT is not a digital scanner. I know that 7A (Dispatch) 154.160 and 7B (Ops) 153.950 are being simulcast so that you do not need a digital scanner...
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    Can anyone decode tones put out on dispatch channel?

    Hey I am from Garrett County MD and a member of Kitzmiller VFD, I have a minitor 5 and I am trying to get the AB tones code for it. Garrett Centeral Alarm is slow to get me the info as most members of Fire/Rescue now use alpha pagers so if anyone can help that would be great. Hit me up at...