minitor v

  1. K2NEC

    Minitor 5 codeplug

    Is anyone able to share a Minitor 5 codeplug with me? I want to play around with it a little so I can get a feel for the software. From what I have seen, it's nothing like programming radios. Thanks again.
  2. pwelsheimer

    Minitor V Amplified Charger

    Anyone out there have any knowledge on repairing a RLN5869B? Amplifier part works fine, however when the pager is inserted using a known good new battery, the battery and pager LED flash even though there is no battery in the external rear charging slot. It oughta be able to be fixed, no?
  3. J

    Minitor V and VI questions

    I am working on a project to reprogram some of our Fire Dept pagers. We have a mix of older Minitor V and the new Minitor VI pagers. We just moved to a new set-up with 3 sets of tones and we are struggling to make everyone happy under the new system. I am looking for suggestions on how to set...
  4. L

    Minitor V 2-tones

    Local radio shop says that one of the tone sets that I need is: 726.8 / 688.3; however the minitor changes those entries to 726.9 / 688.7, no matter how I enter them. [Coding Option: R168(None); F1: 151.1750; 2 channel with voice store] Any ideas how to get it to program the tone pair that the...
  5. S

    Needed: Minitor V SV Codeplug

    I have accidentally overwritten the codeplug for my SV codeplug with a non SV codeplug without saving the original. I am hoping someone might be able to provide me with one so I can get my SV back on my pager. I am doing some experimenting with it for our dept. and no one has SV. Thank you in...
  6. S

    Minitor V On/Off Duty not saving

    I have very limited experience programming pagers. I have done some read on the on/off duty option. I have 4 sets of tones programmed into a pager. I have flagged one set to "off" for off duty and set the function of SW-A to "Enable on/off duty". I then press ok at the bottom of the box and...
  7. C

    Minitor V stored voice

    Hi, I have a Minitor V Stored voice pager. I was wondering is there a way to disable the stored voice function. I really do not have a need for it and it gets annoying when the tones are set off and all you hear is squelch till someone decides to talk. Thanks, Cody
  8. krokus

    Minitor V on/off duty

    I have looked at the other posts I could find on a search, but still have not gotten a clear answer on programming on duty versus off duty settings. My department is in the process of setting up tones for just the in-station personnel and an all-call tone. These tones are new sets, but we still...
  9. C

    Motorola Minitor IV

    Does anyone know what the latest Firmware is for Motorola Minitor IV UHF. Is there updated firware out there for either the IV or V. Thanks Cody
  10. S

    Minitor V Amplified Charger Help

    Hello, I am looking for step by step instructions on how to wire a Minitor V Amplified charger to an external speaker, and either a strobe or flashing light or to a regular light. I have an external speaker that goes to a mobile radio, and I have a regular lamp. What I am looking for is a...
  11. M

    Frequency Discrepancy in FTO Feature

    Greetings forum members, I was wondering if I could get your input on an issue I am having with my 396XT Uniden FTO feature. Please bear in mind that I am not too knowledgeable in the radio/electronics department, so forgive me in advance if my questions are too easy. I am currently using the...
  12. S

    Motorola Minitor Poll

    Which Minitor do you Prefer? What do You Use?
  13. M

    Motorola Minitor V programming questions

    I need these questions answered because I belong to two departments and walk around with two one channel motorola minitor V's and its getting annoying. Heres my plan: Use engineer mode to turn one of my minitor of V's into a two channel. I just need to know this!: -Does the "read pager" part...
  14. M

    Minitor V Problems

    I have two Minitor V VHF 2Ch. Stored Voice pagers. 1. The first is a bit beat up and I wanted to take it apart to clean the contacts. In doing so, I turned what appeared to be a screw on the circuit board that crumbled exposing a red coiled wire. The pager has not received audio since I...
  15. C

    Minitor V Programming

    I have researched for a few days now both here and on the internet in general, forgive me if I've overlooked a thread somewhere in here. I have A Minitor III/IV and V Cradles plus a Pager Interface Box, however I have lost my serial cable over the past few years of moving and changing...
  16. D

    Minitor V pager repair parts

    I need the top knobs for stored voice for the Minitor V pager. Can I order these from someone or do I have to send the pager into the depot for repair? Thanks, Derinna
  17. D

    Minitor V Pager repair parts

    I am looking for replacement knobs for a Minitor V pager. Do I have to sent the pager into the depot for repair? Thanks, Derinna
  18. C

    minitor v difficult problem

    ok so ive been looking around recently online to find a solution for the problem but cant find the problem im having and the fix to it. so the m5 i bought off a friend will alert on the closed alert channel and opens for x amount of seconds. seems to be when there is a break in dispatch it...
  19. chrismol1

    Motorola Minitor V

    Hey, I know that some of you out there have Motorolas Minitor V pager I am looking for a user guide/manual for it I have searched google dozens of pages back and can only find the brochure If anyone out there can scan the pages or give me a link to download the user guide/manual it will be...