1. C

    Whose migrating to MIRS next?

    Is there any talks of any other towns joining MIRS in the near future?
  2. rhtierney

    Morris County NJ MIRS

    I'm not sure if this is the right forum to post this as I'm new, but I'm looking for help with Morris County MIRS. I understand the technology and how the system "works", however can't program my Uniden XT to decode it. Any advice or a code plug for my scanner would be helpful. Thanks! KC2HQV
  3. N

    Morris County MIRS FD Response T/G Simulcast

    FYI The county has been simulcasting all FIRE response talkgroups to 151.055 (Old New Vernon Fire Dispatch). They have a Mobile radio receiving all the fire t/g's feeding the simulcast. So, if you don't have a digital capable scanner, this is your best chance to hear what's going on. Just...
  4. M

    MIRS & 396XT Band Plans needed

    Can someone please give me the Custom Table info for the MIRS system. I know the "Lower Input" for the different band plans. Yet I can't find the "Upper Input" anywhere. My scanner (BCD396XT) isn't working properly without the upper. Not picking up anything. I have all the other info programmed...
  5. S

    MIRS Frequency

    Hi All, I am having trouble finding the MIRS frequency for Morris County. Any one can Help Me?
  6. S

    What do these terms mean?

    SPEN MIRS GRMS Can someone define thses for me? Thanks alot!