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    DSDPlus - missing file content

    I've "experienced" something weird today. I ran DSDPlus (public version) as usual - batch file with everything included, and immediately saw something strange. All priorities that were preset are gone, then I saw that all TgtAlies weren't there also. I then navigated to dsdplus folder and I did...
  2. W

    Missing Transmit Frequencies

    Does anyone have the transmit frequencies for Hardin County? Almost all are missing. Also, if I were looking for other Transmit Frequencies in other counties, how would one find them out using the FCC database? Thanks!
  3. D

    uniden bc396xt problems / delay help please

    I have a uniden bearcat scanner 396xt that I need help with. I noticed the other day when I had my scanner next to another scanner a cheap radioshack model that mine would not open the squelch or find a conversation on analog channels for about 2-4 seconds after the other scanner started.The...
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    Missing: Patrick Borally

    Patrick Borally's family offers $25,000 reward - news-herald.com As officials continue to search for clues to a missing Lyndhurst man’s whereabouts, his family has offered a reward for information. As of Thursday night, Richmond Heights Police officials said there were no new leads regarding...
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    Missing Start Of Some Transmissions

    Hello Folks, Now that I am hearing all sorts of things on the 106 I have a scanning issue. I am missing the beginning of some of the conversations. I know this was discussed but I cannot find it. There is apparently some setting for the amount of time the radio spends trying to determine the...