mobile antennas

  1. P

    What NMO antenna has the best SWR for GMRS on a mobile setup that is under 120$?

    Since I don't have to equipment to tune my own antenna yet, I want to know what antenna can bring out the most power from my mobile radio setup for GMRS. Give me your recommendations!
  2. P

    Lightning Safety Question: How could I use a mag mount antenna on my car w/o being struck by lightning?

    This is my first post, so please be polite! I want to put an antenna on my car and I want to ride through storms while listening to storm spotters and public safety, how can I protect myself from lightning strikes? I know a not so similar topic has been posted before about home antennas, but I...
  3. X

    Advice for Antenna and Mount for Uniden BCD996P2

    Hello everyone, I got a Unifen BCD996P2 radio, but I need a mobile car antenna (review the one below) for the scanner. I’m unsure what type of antenna and mount to get for it, that’ll work best. If anyone can help, that will be great. Thank you! Possible Antenna: Laird Connectivity Multi Band...
  4. helvis

    Midland MXT90 GMRS radio

    Im not pleased with the mag mount antenna that came with this radio. Does anyone know of a much better replacement? I plan on permanently mounting it to my truck's roof. While I'm waiting for my operating license fees to clear and the FCC sends me my call sign I've been goofing around with a...
  5. J

    Mobile Antennas and range

    Hi, I have been reading this forum for several years now. Great forum with tons of info. I mostly listen to the radio at home. My first scanner I ever got I was like 8yrs old. Now, I am in my mid 30's still listening. Recently, I have been taking my portable out on the road to listen to...