mobile mount

  1. KD7RJC

    FTM-500D into Nissan D40 Frontier

    Starting an installation of a new Yaesu FTM-500D into a 2015 Nissan Frontier. I chose this radio specifically due to the removable head with integrated speaker. My objective is to make the install clean and relatively unobtrusive. I already have a Scangauge III on a mount on the top of the...
  2. scseh

    BCD436HP Mobile Mount

    I wanted to get some ideas on Mobile Mounts for the BCD436HP. I also wanted to find out if anyone has purchased the Uniden BCD436HP mount from LidoMounts. Cup Holder For Uniden BCD436HP and All Handheld Scanners Mounts for Uniden HomePatrol-1 Scanner The price seems good at $25.00. It has a...
  3. jedi1000

    PSR800 Mobile Mount

    I decided to build a mount to hold the unit in the mobile. It took about 3 hrs. with a Dremmel and a few parts from Lowes. It'll hold the unit with the clip on the radio. Just thought I would share with the group. 73.