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    UHF Mobile repeater setup

    Good afternoon, I work for a local FD in the middle TN area. Just as a little background we cover 620 Sq miles and have 5 tower sites on an analog UHF system (yes, we are behind). With that being said we have many radio dead spots where are portables will not get out. We have had some sites...
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    TK-8180 UHF/UHF Mobile Repeater Help

    Can anyone help me? I own a business where we exclusively use Kenwood TK-8180 mobile and TK-3180 portable radios which are strictly UHF. We have one area where the use of the portable (TK-3180) radios simply cannot hit the repeater but the mobile (TK-8180) radios have no problem. I would like...
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    gmrs mobile repeater questions

    First I want to say this is my first post and I have little experience with radios so go easy. First I'll give the situation that I'm looking to use this in. I'm building an off-road/hunting vehicle and I'm looking to build a mobile repeater in the truck to get some extra range out of my...