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    Best STARS mobile scanner - Query

    Although equipment related I think this is better placed in the Virginia Forums because it is specifically about STARS. Which model mobile scanner do you think is best for monitoring STARS ? Am asking for an agency that does not want to spend $7000 apiece for a STARS radio that they will only...
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    Mobile (Vehicle) Scanning Suggestions

    Hello all. I'm pretty new to this and am looking for suggestions. I would like to add a mobile scanner to my vehicle. I would like to be able to scan Clarke and Oconee Counties. Clarke is on an 800 mhz trunked radio system. Oconee is currently on an older VHF system but will soon be moving to a...
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    Best Rooftop Antenna for a BCD396XT Scanner

    After being out of scanning as a hobby for many years, and now finally getting the itch to get back into it, I have decided to purchase a BCD396XT Scanner. I have had good luck with Uniden products in the past, and that was one of the deciding factors in which one to get (rather than the GRE...