1. FoxMcCloud

    MODAT, and MDC-600

    Does anyone know what Motorola radios come with the MODAT signaling? I know the ASTRO Saber is one one of them. But are there more. Google didn't have any answers for me. What Motorola radios come with MDC-600? I know of none.
  2. emcomm

    Where are Flash Codes found ? (purchased?)

    I have a Astro Saber III and I am looking to Flash it for MODAT (Q351); are these Flashes purchasable (honest question--pardon my ignorance), from Motorola? Or is there some other after-market way? Thanks. Attn Moderator, I am not trying to buy or sell anything! Just trying to understand the...
  3. A

    Is there any way to resemble Modat signaling?

    I was wondering if theres any way to use DTMF signaling to resemble Modat. I was thinking if DTMF Tone #6988124 going at 50ms would sounded close to Modat. I know this sounds stupid but I was just curious, any advise would help. Once again I agree this a stupid Question :) :) :)
  4. tunnelmot

    I miss hearing "personality"

    With everything going/gone trunked, I really miss radio system "personality". Example- - I was born and raised in L.A., I really miss hearing MODAT on LAPD. - Lived in Memphis TN, and I miss the Power Co. digital ID at begining and end of key-up. - And last time I visited LA, LACO...