model 2

  1. S

    XTS 3000 Analog Operation Only to P25

    Hello, New to the XTS world…. I recently bought a XTS 3000 model II UHF 450-520Mhz, Model # H09SDF9PW7BN,Ver: 07.05.00, DSP: A07.05.00, 1 MEG, Flash Code 000001-002000-5, H35/G48 Conventional Operation, Q241 Astro ready (Analog Operation Only). I want to know if I can add P25 and get...
  2. 214drew

    HT 1250 vs. XTS Question

    I have been using a motorola XTS for the past several years and really enjoyed it. It was the XTS 3000 model 2. When I pushed the PTT button to transmit, a loud chirp would occur. It sounds like 3 very rapid beeps. I really liked this feature and was wondering if the HT 1250 can be programmed to...