monroe county

  1. R

    Monroe/Ontario P25 System

    Has anyone had any success using either the Uniden 996P2 or 325P2 on this system? I have a lot of trouble with decoding due to the simulcast and am wondering if anyone has found settings that work well before I spend big bucks on an SDS scanner. Thanks in advance!
  2. F

    Monroe County EMS .295 VHF Patch To Go Down.

    An email was sent to EMS agencies, the highlights: "With EMS closing out our second year on the County trunked radio system it is time to transition to the next phase of the Monroe County Trunked Radio Project. This is a step that we have indicated in a number of meetings this past year, and...
  3. Bote

    Key West feed restored

    I had a bad audio cable on my Key West scanner feed, but after a little work this afternoon everything is up and running better than ever. Sorry for the inconvenience. This one might work: Or this one might work: Bote's Southernmost Feed Enjoy.
  4. Bote

    Monroe County, FLA 10-codes, signal codes

    I'm looking for a current list of 10 codes and signal codes used in Monroe County, Florida. No, they are not the same as Broward nor Palm Beach. Thank you in advance.