1. Z

    Phillips County trunking

    New to scanner life. Was wondering if I’m doing something wrong. Phillips County in Montana has police/fire frequencies on the basic county look up. But I noticed on the Phillips Co trunking system they have frequencies there too. I programmed the trunking side as well BUT I’m getting...
  2. mtnlion

    BCD396XT/BCD996XT: Trunked system programming issues

    I'll preface this by saying I'm not 100% confident in my understanding of trunked systems and how to program them, so if I'm missing something or making any mistakes please educate me. I'm trying to program a statewide P25 system into my scanner. Specifically, the Montana Public Safety...
  3. 1

    Sidney, MT

    Looking for good frequencies for the popo in Sidney, MT. The ones listed are NOT the current ones they are using!
  4. K

    great falls montana airshow

    What frequincies will be in use durung the great falls montana airshow? ,,, all i know is the blue angels so far via the pdf file 2011 airshow frequency guide by monitoring times
  5. C

    Flathead County P25

    I go on ski trips and take lots of radio equipment along including the bcd396t. Kalispel PD or Flathead County appears on the Big Mountain system. The VHF site is on top of a peak 3000 feet NW of Whitefish Ski area. It is a Motorola P25 vhf band type (qpsk) It worked fine using the database...
  6. A

    Missoula County Radio

    Anyone give me a current list of channels THAT THEY Personally KNOW WORK. (meaning I know how to find these resources online, I need confirmation that others are still picking things up ) I can't seem to be able to pickup anything anymore, it's been a while since plugged mine in and it's old...