1. A

    Montgomery Area Police/Fire

    I am using a BCD536HP with both the DMR and Provoice Upgrade. I live on the border of Montgomery/Elmore county (near the Montgomery Wind Creek Casino) currently using a Tram 1410 Discone Antenna. I have the MMCCD frequencies programmed using the Sentinel software. I can receive Montgomery...
  2. 1

    Man Hunt For A Man Who Killed People in Kansas City & Montgomery County

    Man Hunt for Killer Montgomery County & State Of Missouri If you would like more information on this you may go to the ABC 17 News link that is posted below on this incident. The Highway Patrol are involved and are using Troop F Dispatch 3 (20159) for there operations on finding this guy...
  3. BamaScan

    Video Of New Montgomery, Alabama Fire Truck

    Here is a video of the New Fire Truck that The City of Montgomery has. VIDEO: Montgomery, Alabama to get new E-One - Fire Truck Blog
  4. jackculb

    Montgomery Co,, Ohio static while listening to trunked system

    Is it normal to hear much static while listening to the Montgomery Co., Ohio trunked 800 mhz system? I hear it on both a GRE PSR-700 and a RS PRO-197. I have the Primary and Alternate channels programmed. I even recently purchased two 800 mhz antennas from RS to see if it helped reduce the...
  5. N4JES

    Montgomery County Police

    Could anyone please advise me about the system that the local police and SO are now using? I am still receiving fire/ems conventional.
  6. dbsar

    Dayton Montgomery County Rebanding

    I am hearing talk about upcoming rebanding of the Dayton / Montgomery county public safety systems. I’m thinking it might happen this year (still checking). If anyone has a date let us know. Anyway, I will have to upgrade scanners as my Pro 95 and 97 do not support rebanding (as far as I...
  7. S

    Montgomery County SO dispatch change

    The Montgomery County Sheriff's Office dispatch appears to have changed talk group IDs. I listened all day on DEC 289, AFS 02-041 and heard no traffic at all. Found them under DEC 0001, AFS 00-001. Tactical is still on DEC 290, AFS 02-042.