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    Help please, PRO-96 and Morris County NJ Public Service Trunking

    Today I got my first trunking scanner, a Radio Shack PRO-96. It's a fun radio, it works "except" -. I almost have it working on the Morris County trunking system but no cigar - no Morris County audio yet. First thing I did was copy a bunch of "Preloaded Data" into the 10 banks. I hit SCAN...
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    New Morris County NJ Feed

    New Morris County Feed: *will have digital up and running soon
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    Morris County, NJ Frequencies I listen too. Help!

    I have a "broken antenna" Radio Shack Pro-2018 and will be getting a Pro-2054 shortly. I currently monitor the following: Boonton Police Boonton Twp./Mt.Lakes Police Boonton Fire Department Boonton Kiwanis First-Aid Squad Denville Fire/EMS Denville Police Rockaway Police Rockaway Fire/EMS...