1. artmorris

    Mercy Springfield now on MOSWIN

    I'm trying to get a handle on how to listen to Mercy Springfield dispatch now that they've moved to MOSWIN. I live in Aurora, and used to be able to receive the Greene county P25 system, though its somewhat noisy. I have reprogrammed my HP-1 for what i believe to be the correct Talkgroup for...
  2. J

    Motorola XTS 5000 version 3

    Is there anyone out there that can help me program my MSHP MOSWIN system for Troop C in St. Francois county? The radio only has the default FPP at the moment.
  3. N

    MOSWIN New Site Boonville PD

    Boonville PD has added digital capability, but I do not yet see any Site Number. I will continue to seek that out from their radio service techs.
  4. D

    Missouri Troop H

    Does anyone know if MHP H is phase 1 or 2 for my xts5000 and what towers and TG's their using I live down by Atchison ks.
  5. K

    SDR and MOSWIN

    this has probably been answered before but after 3 hrs of forum reading I have not found it. is it possible to use a NooElec NESDR Mini 2 and some sort of software to monitor the MOSWIN talk groups. if it is possible can someone steer me in the right direction as far as information about how...
  6. 1

    Saline County EMS

    Can someone tell that lives somewhere where they can pick up Saline County EMS, can you tell me if they use MOSWIN or are they on a different type of system? Also when they go on transports what talkgroup do they use due they use the Saline County: Travel talkgroup on MOSWIN or do they use...
  7. 1

    Missouri Conservation Radio Identifiers For Boone County On MOSWIN

    I have been listening to Troop F Dispatch and i figured since Turkey season is this weekend that i would post the radio identifiers for Conservation Agents in Boone County. Ranger 14 is one of the rangers that is in Boone County I have heard him saying before that he will be putting his boat in...
  8. 1

    Radio Shack 651 Private Digital Radio

    I have been told that the Radio Shack 651 you can not program in a radio's specific radio number and then listen to only them and who they are talking to is this true? If so can i try and program in some radio that are on the MOSWIN radio system or does it not work on P25 radio systems? If...
  9. K

    Deputy Seeking Advice on P25 Scanner

    Hello everyone, I am posting on behalf of a friend who is a Deputy Sheriff. He currently has a Uniden BCD-996XT in his Patrol Vehicle to monitor MOSWIN. As you could imagine with the nature of the job and responding to emergency calls on rural Missouri gravel roads, he has shaken the Uniden...
  10. T

    2016 - MOSWIN-Missouri Statewide P25 - Sites/Talkgroups

    Please use this thread for new conversations for 2016
  11. rjvalenta

    SLATER Antenna? I'm in Kirkwood... INSIDE

    I have had a radio shack discone lashed to my chimney for years, and before the rebanding it worked well - too well, I had to put an FM trap on to hear the riots last year. I'm using a Pro-197 on my desk, set to scan with a well shielded line to the roof. Then, the change happened... I have...
  12. baldbrad

    MOSWIN Troop F Scanner Problem

    For those who listen to the MOSWIN Troop F feed, I have received several reports of bad audio lately. I have isolated the problem as a bad front-end on the scanner itself (it's used, and wasn't taken care of by its' previous owner). I have bumped the audio levels on the PC to try to compensae...
  13. Dustybill69


    I have read some people talking about hearing Troop C on the new P25 MOSWIN system, and I myself have not heard anything yet. Anyone know what site/frequencies they are using?
  14. Starcom21

    2012-MOSWIN-Missouri Statewide Interop Network-Sites/Talkgroups

    Please use this new thread for 2012 postings. PLEASE Submit ANY KNOWN NEW INFORMATION via the submission system! Thanks!