1. S

    Motorola eBay antennas & China

    How is this possible: Whip UHF Antenna for Motorola XTS3000 XTS3500 XTS5000 Portable Radio 403 520 | eBay Are they legit antennas or just really good copies? I am tempted to buy one and save $7 but is it really worth it to use on a $800 radio? This Linda character has a lot of Motorola stuff
  2. UPMan

    BCD396T and BCD996T V3.01.00 out now

    This firmware applies the following changes from V3.00.00: Restored autotracking of Motorola 800 Standard systems in Control Channel Search mode. P25 test mode setting defaults to 3 for best decoding performance. Communications will no longer be locked up between the scanner and the remote...