motorola astro saber

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    Motorola Astro Saber VHF Test Freq

    Does anyone know the test freq for CSQ1 on the Saber for VHF. I want to test the mic i have to receive on my scanner.
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    VHF Motorola Astro Saber Shoulder Mic

    Hey everyone, I am looking to get a Shoulder Mic for a VHF Astro Saber. I have heard the Public Safety Mic is not recommended on a VHF unit. Why is this? Also, should I buy a "OEM" model or do the third parties work just as well.
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    Astro Saber Front Panel Programable?

    Hello, I have just bought a VHF Astro Saber Model 3. Is it capable of being Front Panel Programable like on an XTS?
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    Motorola Astro III

    I am looking into purchasing a Astro III so that I can monitor LAPD Frequencys and other Police Depts in Los Angeles County, I am currently looking at a Astro that says its "800Mhz" if I buy this radio, will I be able to program im guessing UHF meaning LAPD Freq's ? or does that mean 800MHz only...
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    Astro Saber Programming

    I have been pulling my hair out, trying to program my Astro Saber III. I gave motorola cables and RIB, but when I try and read the radio it says "Communication with radio failed" I also have an XTS5000 that I have used this computer to program and have had no problems. I have read so many posts...