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  1. For Sale Motorola HT1000

    For Sale Motorola HT1000

    I have for sale a Motorola HT1000 portable radio, antenna, and battery. I do not have a charger. I have not used this radio in years however I do know when I did use it, I was unable to transmit. I am unsure if that was a programming error or a device issue. Cost is $45 including shipping...
  2. V

    HT1000 Motorola Ht1000 modification

    Hello to all I have a few ht1000 vhf radios and I was searching on ebay and I seen a front cover with 15 keys and a display part# NTN7154B, can I change the front cover out on a ht1000 with just the 15 key front cover with the one mentioned above. Thanks Jo
  3. JacksonM1007

    HT1000 Motorola HT1000 (Seller Programmed) Program issues

    I bought a near mint HT1000 off of ebay and its programmed by the seller, but some things are programmed incorrectly. i have some youtube videos up asking what the heck is wrong, but make sure to read the description of the videos to better understand what is wrong and what im asking. Edit...
  4. I

    Motorola Radio Programming in Durham Region, Ontario, Canada

    I'm looking for someone in the Durham Region in Southern Ontario who can program Motorola Radios. I have two UHF HT1000's that need to be set up the same way. PM me for the freq's/tones/settings I require.
  5. A

    HT1000 for ham

    I was searching for a long time. I am a new ham. I need to know if it is legal to use a wideband HT1000 or any wideband radio for ham frequencies. I know that the fcc says 5-15Khz but I would love to get better use out of my Motorola collection with ham radio instead of just listening to police...
  6. A

    Motorola HT1000

    Can I program a Motorola HT1000 or a Motorola Saber with an IBM pc with a 166MHz Pentium Processor with MMX Technology. I don't have the RSS but if the computer would be slow enouph I might buy it. This computer was Windows 95 upgraded to windows 98 with DOS. Thank You
  7. S

    Motorola HT 1000 Programming Question

    I am new to this forum and have just one quick question. I own a Motorola HT 1000 UHF Portable Radio (450.00000 - 520.00000). I know that I can program the frequency and TPL. I know that my radio can be programmed to PL TPL ranges, but can it be programmed to DPL TPL ranges? Any info would be...
  8. landonjensen

    HT1000 beeping

    What am I doing when I do the following? The ABC Switch is in any posistion, if i turn the radio on, press the squelch 5 times, it beeps once, then hold down the squelch, it beeps 2 more times, then every button/knob i hit beeps. The louder or lower I turn the volume button, the louder/lower the...