motorola ht1000

  1. I

    Motorola Radio Programming in Durham Region, Ontario, Canada

    I'm looking for someone in the Durham Region in Southern Ontario who can program Motorola Radios. I have two UHF HT1000's that need to be set up the same way. PM me for the freq's/tones/settings I require.
  2. A

    HT1000 for ham

    I was searching for a long time. I am a new ham. I need to know if it is legal to use a wideband HT1000 or any wideband radio for ham frequencies. I know that the fcc says 5-15Khz but I would love to get better use out of my Motorola collection with ham radio instead of just listening to police...
  3. A

    Motorola HT1000

    Can I program a Motorola HT1000 or a Motorola Saber with an IBM pc with a 166MHz Pentium Processor with MMX Technology. I don't have the RSS but if the computer would be slow enouph I might buy it. This computer was Windows 95 upgraded to windows 98 with DOS. Thank You
  4. S

    Motorola HT 1000 Programming Question

    I am new to this forum and have just one quick question. I own a Motorola HT 1000 UHF Portable Radio (450.00000 - 520.00000). I know that I can program the frequency and TPL. I know that my radio can be programmed to PL TPL ranges, but can it be programmed to DPL TPL ranges? Any info would be...
  5. landonjensen

    HT1000 beeping

    What am I doing when I do the following? The ABC Switch is in any posistion, if i turn the radio on, press the squelch 5 times, it beeps once, then hold down the squelch, it beeps 2 more times, then every button/knob i hit beeps. The louder or lower I turn the volume button, the louder/lower the...